Still need to ship those holidays packages? Cutting it this close comes with a price

Are those holiday packages in the mail, yet? There’s still a little time left to get that done. But, time really is running out.

Of course, last minute shipment comes with a price.

Bill Arnold is sending checks to his kids.

"I just put something in the mail today," Arnold remarked.

"Are you confident it will get there before Christmas?" FOX 29’s Brad Sattin asked.

"No. They’ll have to learn patience," Arnold answered.

There is always the blind faith approach to last minute shipping.

"I’m comfortable with the post office. They’ve never let me down," Thomas Pierce commented.

But, with an employee shortage at the postal service due to COVID-19, it may not be the year to test the theory.

FedEx is calling their volume record-breaking, by 22 percent and with the Post Office using words like historic, guarantees are hard to come by.

"I procrastinated it, so I’ve kind of excepted the fate of it," stated one shipper.

Andrew Hanna ordered a gift for his mom online a couple of weeks ago. That’s the last he’s seen of it.

"Hopefully it comes. It’s delayed, tracking is not giving me anything, so I don’t know," Hanna explained.

FedEx two-day may be the best option for last minute shipping and ship it Tuesday. Ben Behrend admits he should not have listened to his inner voice.

"I could have probably sent it last week, but I thought, ‘Oh let’s just wait a few days,’" Behrend remarked.

Big mistake, because shipping now?

"It was too expensive," said Behrend.

Take a deep breath and repeat after Andrew.

"If I get it, I get it. If I don’t, I don’t. If I get it, I get it. If I don’t, I don’t," Andrew stated.


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