Store Apologizes Over Santa Photo of Boy With Brain Disorder

SAN ANTONIO, TX- The family of a baby with disabilities is getting an apology after a Santa photo flap in Texas.

13-month old Caleb Self has a genetic brain and muscle disorder that has sent him to the hospital more than ten times since March.

His mother hoped to get a picture of Caleb with Santa at a San Antonio Bass Pro Shop, which offered a free picture promotion last Friday.

The family of a baby with a genetic brain and muscle disorder has received a formal apology from Bass Pro Shops, days...

Megan Self says when she unhooked her son from his breathing apparatus and handed him to the Santa, he stood up for a quick photo and gave the baby back to her.

Self says that she wanted her son to experience sitting on Santa's lap to have that lasting memory.

"He made it a year but we honestly don't know how long he has," Megan Self explained, "We've been through a lot this year, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and everything. This was basically the icing on the cake."

A spokesman for bass pro shops apologized saying "this is not something we feel great about".

Self doesn't believe this was an isolated incident, and says she's working with the store to get the correct photo.

He also added that store employees taking part in the free picture promotion go through sensitivity training before each holiday season.