Strange, mysterious smell wafts through New Jersey

Collingswood and its festive Main Street are even more beautiful this time of year, but the word around town is today doesn't smell as good as it looks. 

 "It more smells like gas right now but earlier it really smelled like burnt tires. It was horrible," said Joseph Newman. 

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson stopped by Haddon Culinary where Vivienne Koory works. She said she first heard about a mysterious odor in the air while scrolling on Facebook. 

"I saw somebody posted on in 'The Wood' which is our town page about the smell in town," said Koory. 

She stepped outside Thursday night to see if she noticed anything. 

"It does smell a little bit different," she said. 

But nothing like what people described on Facebook. 

"It said that it smelled like sulfur or like something burning or like a chemical smell," said Koory. 

Collingswood Fire Department and Cherry Hill Fire both posted on social media that the odor throughout the township and the surrounding area is believed to be coming from somewhere else and that local officials don't think it's hazardous at this time. 

Inside the Candy Jar by1892, Paula Alban says she noticed it outside her sweet-smelling shop this morning. 

"There was a rubbery like a plastic smell," said Alban, who added that a customer came in talking about it.

"She’s like do you guys know what’s going on with that smell. She came from Cherry Hill from the Home Depot smelling that. Next thing I know one of my employees called hey Paula have you smelled; do you know anything about this smell?" she said. 

By Thursday evening it seemed to have disappeared, but the curiosity of residents nearby remains. 



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