Strath Haven High students protest after offensive photos and threatening note appear online

Offensive photos and a threatening note that started circulating on social media left students at a Delaware County school in shock.

FOX 29's Joyce Evans reports.

Crowds of Strath Haven High School students poured outside midday Wednesday. They were protesting a disturbing photo and letter circulating on social media that appears to be linked to some of their classmates.

A picture of two people wearing white hoods over their heads next to what reads like a crudely worded threatening, racist letter was dropped off at some Swarthmore-area homes with a warning to leave the country or else ending with #MAGA.

"I'm just disgusted so disgusted I would have never thought this would go on in this neighborhood," Jayda Clack said.

Someone will be held accountable, according to a message released by the Wallingford, Swarthmore School District, saying in part quote:

"We are extremely disturbed and disappointed at the thought that any of our students might be associated with this kind of vile display of racism."

They're conducting joint investigations with local police departments.