Stronger than Hate: Local teen creates necklace hoping to make difference

This high school senior and member of Beth Or synagogue felt compelled to do something after the mass shooting in Pittsburgh.

She designed the necklaces with help of online retailer Etsy--the message in Hebrew--means stronger than hate.

"I shared it to Facebook and Instagram and got so many shares and likes and comments. Less than a week later I have more than 1,200 orders and they keep coming in," she explained.

She decided she would sell them online and at her synagogue. Gracie will send any proceeds to HIAS, which is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees.

Gracie has been overwhelmed by the demand for the necklaces.

"She is someone who is responding to hate with love with courage with faith--trying to make a difference," Rabbi Gregory Marx said.

So far, she has raised $18,000.

If you wish to order a necklace, please click here.