Female students petition to wear pants at Catholic school in Bucks County

Students at a Warminster high school are petitioning to have the option to wear pants as part of their uniform.

The school policy at Archbishop Wood High School currently requires female students to wear a skirt.

"It's a new day, it's a new era, it's like that kind of old school thinking," said Karen Duffy of Hatboro.

The petition was started by a former student whose sister still attends the school. It states that beyond keeping up with modern-day appearances, the petition is also a matter of "safety, dignity, and comfort."

"It's nice to have the option, even when you go to work. You can wear a skirt or you can wear pants depending on how you feel and especially in the wintertime, I do understand," said Maria Rob

Many Warminster residents agree with the petition’s message and say they feel that it is time for change.

"If they want to wear short-shorts and all that kind of stuff and I could see people being upset, but they’re pants," said Anthony of Warminster. "I think everything evolves and I think this is just one of them." 

Archbishop Wood’s guidelines align with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, which says the policy is intended to reflect standards of modesty and decency consistent with catholic teaching.

"If there's somewhere in the bible, if there's somewhere it says pants is a problem, we’ll address it, but I don't see it," said Anthony.

According to the petition, the students are not anti-skirt but want to have the option to wear pants.



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