Student reenacts photo from first day of kindergarten at high school graduation

(INSIDE EDITION) - An Indiana high school graduate wanted to honor her mom by reenacting a classic photo that was taken on her first day of kindergarten.

Gabrielle Yowell, 18, said in 2004 her mother, Lizzette, came to pick her up from school and a local reporter from the News and Tribune captured the priceless moment when she jumped into her mom's arms.

"We were coming home from school. l was very happy to see her," Yowell told "The reporter walked up to my mom and asked her if she they could put it on the front page and she said 'of course.'"

Yowell said her mom loved the photo and once she received a copy, she hung the precious memory in their home.

"I just love that picture. It's real. She was genuinely happy to see me," Yowell said.

When Yowell's high school graduation rolled around last week, she wanted to commemorate the moment.

"The first day of kindergarten and high school graduation are such huge milestones in your life so I thought it would be a cute idea," Yowell said.

Clad in her high school cap and gown, the teen jumped into her mom's arms again after the ceremony.

The teen said her mom has always been her best friend and after surviving breast cancer, her presence meant so much.

"My mom and I have always been very close, She's always been there when I needed. Right or wrong, she's always been supportive," Yowell said. "It felt like something was coming to completion."