Student Says Teacher Broke Her Finger In School

IRVING, TX (FOX 4)- An Irving ISD teacher is on paid leave and under investigation. A 14-year-old student at Irving MacArthur High School says that teacher broke her finger as she tried to leave class.

The teacher is on paid administrative leave after the incident.

The student, 14-year-old Taylor Johnson, says she was in her seventh period class, trying to get to her eighth period class at Irving MacArthur High School when the confrontation happened.

"My hand was in the door and [my teacher] slammed it once, and I yelled, 'My hand!' and she slammed it again, and said she didn't care,'" said Johnson.

Johnson says the teacher often keeps her class late, and she was simply trying to get to her next class on time after the bell rang.

"Why not just go and sit back down?" said FOX 4's Lori Brown.

"Because I was late and I always get late passes," said Johnson. "They said if I was late a couple more times, my mom would get a fine."

"And you're always late because of her class?" said Brown.

"Yes," said Johnson.

An Irving police officer interviewed six students who witnessed the struggle.

The report says that none of the students thought the teacher was intentionally trying to hurt Johnson. The teacher wrote to the vice principal that, "She would never try to physically harm her students."

However, Johnson believes it wasn't an accident.

"She didn't slam the door once," said Johnson. "She slammed it twice."

The other students interviewed said the 26-year-old teacher is having a hard time controlling her classroom, and that Johnson is one of the main students causing disruptions on a daily basis.

FOX 4 asked Johnson if she has learned any lessons from all of this.

"I think next time, I'm going to just sit down," said Johnson.

Johnson's mom, Quartica Johnson, says she did talk with her daughter about her role in the ordeal.

"I teach my daughter accountability," said Quartica Johnson. "Hold yourself accountable first before you point any fingers…but at the same time, nothing warrants physical actions on a child in a school."

The Johnsons say they want the district to think long and hard before putting the teacher back in the classroom.

"The parents need to know what's going on at MacArthur High School," said Quartica Johnson.

FOX 4 asked a spokesperson Thursday morning if the principal has received complaints about the teacher making students late to their next class.

A spokesperson has not yet responded to that question.

The spokesperson said earlier that they can't comment on the case because personnel and student records are confidential.

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