Students at NYU afraid to publicly support Donald Trump

Some Donald Trump supporters at NYU have gone underground because many fear that they'll be called racist and be reprimanded by professors who could destroy their GPAs.

Members of the NYU College Republicans say they are afraid.

Senior Matt Glaser said being a Republican on NYU's campus can be very scary.

"People are afraid to speak up, to say what their beliefs are, if they happen to be a fiscal or even social conservative," Glaser says.

He says he's been called a racist for supporting limiting immigration.

Dylan Perera made national headlines by appearing on "FOX & Friends" Monday morning and explained how difficult it is to be a Trump supporter on campus. He said one student yelled racist at him after finding out his candidate.

Perera has refused further interviews but a friend is speaking out.

Ryan Whiting is the Vice President of the NYU College Republicans.

He says that NYU's professors would not blink twice about changing a student's grades if they found out they were a Trump supporter.

"Most of our school is tainted with a liberal bias," Whiting says.