Students want answers after day 6 of no hot water at Cheyney University

Students say there is no hot water and no fix in sight at Cheyney University in Delaware County.

Though school officials have come up with a backup plan that enables students to shower in other campus buildings, many say it is inconvenient and impractical.

The university's president, Aaron Walton, told FOX 29 that the school was working feverishly to fix the hot water issue.

On Tuesday, Walton released a statement apologizing for the hot water issue, citing a "perfect storm" of extreme weather conditions that led up to the incident.

Cheyney, which is the nation's oldest historically black university, has had financial troubles in recent years. Students tell FOX 29 they take pride in their school and want to see Cheyney secure the funding it needs to thrive.

The school says it will continue to expend "all effort" to maintain the integrity of its services and keep students apprised of developments as they occur.