Sue Serio showcases family’s Sauerkraut recipe for Thanksgiving

Sauerkraut is a must-have dish for Sue Serio’s family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Sue, who hails from Baltimore, never realized that the German specialty was particularly popular there due to the high population of German people.

Sauerkraut, which is fermented cabbage, has a lot of health benefits.

Sue’s quick recipe as a dash of sweet and sour to the Thanksgiving menu.

Here’s what you will need:

 A jar of Sauerkraut
—​​​​​​​ Pork
—​​​​​​​ Salt and pepper


—​​​​​​​ Put ingredients in a pot on the stove, cook thoroughly.

If you’re a little more daring, executive Chef Wilhelm Slimm of “Best of the Wurst” in Riverside, New Jersey joined Good Day to offer a few other recipe ideas.

Here’s what you will need:

—​​​​​​​Brown sugar
—​​​​​​​ Pureed potatoes
—​​​​​​​ Sautéed onion (Vidalia for sweetness)
—​​​​​​​ Pork or ham