Surprise gift for Camden County boy, 10, changes his life

A 10-year-old Camden County boy is a viral sensation, thanks to his mother’s loving, surprise Christmas gift.

Landyn Ford, of Berlin, in Camden County, was speechless Christmas morning after seeing his mother’s gift.

"When I looked at the book, I was like, what is this? Then I looked at who it was by, and my name was there."

His mom says he’s not usually very emotional.

"I didn’t expect him to shed tears. Get that excited and overwhelmed," mom Stacy Ford explained. "I think one of my most favorite Christmas presents was seeing his reaction."

Ford, who doesn’t usually take to TikTok, decided to post the special moment for family and friends to see. And, within two months, the video has garnered 3.5 million views, with all comments of support.

"Everyone was so kind and nice and just happy for him and very supportive of him, so that was awesome," Stacy said.

The book is called "Bailey’s Special Stick." Landyn says he got the idea because he loves hockey and dogs. It is set in Northville, Michigan. Bailey finds an old hockey stick and teaches himself on a backyard ice rink, bringing the whole neighborhood joy.

"I thought it would be funny, a dog playing hockey," Landyn said.

Landyn was recently recognized by the local board of education. He’s sold nearly 4,000 copies on Amazon and admits he’s still getting used to all the attention. "Sometimes, in school, my friends are like, ‘Oh my God, I’m friends with a famous author.’"

When Landyn’s not signing autographs for his friends and fans, it’s a good bet, he can be found playing a little street hockey with his brother, sister and dad. "One of the lessons that I’m trying to get out to people is that it doesn’t matter what age you are. Go and accomplish your dreams and keep going at them."

"Bailey’s Special Stick" is just the beginning, as Landyn says he is considering another book, with all the same characters and, maybe some new ones, including his dog, Phoenix. The book is for sale on Amazon for $9.99.