Surveillance shows unit of ATV's stolen in Camden County

Surveillance cameras show three men robbing a Gloucester Township unit and leaving with several vehicles.

Stephen Smarrito rents a unit here and got a call on Monday that it had been broke into. He says three men are seen at different times in several videos on the property, making off with four off-road vehicles, three quads, and a dirt bike.

"Two were yamaha banchees, which are highly sought after. They no longer make them so they have high value," Smarrito said.

He adds that all four together are worth about $25,000 dollars.

"[I’m] extremely upset. The timing is terrible. About to have a baby. Some of the money that was in here was part of a down payment for a mortgage that I’m hopefully about to get," Smarrito said.

Smarrito showed FOX 29 how the men entered his unit, which has been temporarily repaired.

"They cut the fence open like a shower curtain and split it right open," he said.

This is one of three incidents he says happened close to the same time. From a video at a resident’s home in Westville, people are seen in similar clothing and stealing bikes. In another incident, a social media post came from a woman in Runnemede about her stolen quads.

"They’re in Westville around 1:20, they left there and came here about 1:40 and that’s exactly the amount of time to travel from spot to spot and then 3:00 or so in Runnemede."

The only thing Smarrito says he can think of that may have sparked criminal interest is that he had posted on social media pictures of a bike and that he was trying to sell it, along with the storage facility address.

"I relayed that to the detective and he also finds that odd and he’s going to look into it," Smarrito said.



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