Surveillance video released shows van suspected in deadly hit-and-run

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) When Roxanne day saw a piece of video on the news early Tuesday morning it nearly made her heart stop.

"I seen shoes and I was like that looks like Markalyah's shoes but I said no because she wouldn't be on Adams Avenue that time of night," said Day. But it turned out it was her 17-year-old granddaughter Markaylah Jackson. She had just started working at Marshalls nearby and was leaving work. A driver hit Markaylah around 11:30 Monday night when police say she was in the crosswalk at Adams and the Boulevard. The driver kept going.

"It's very heartbreaking for me, for the family and for all of us. I just want the person who did it to come forward," said Day.

Wednesday police released surveillance video that shows a silver early 2000 model Chevy Venture mini-van traveling northbound on the Boulevard. It eventually made a turn onto Adams Avenue where police say the driver hit Markaylah throwing her body 200 feet.

"We are very shocked. It's surreal. It's something you really don't expect for someone that young to pass away or be killed," said Markaylah's aunt Sheila Brown. The family says life was just beginning for Markaylah who was supposed to graduate from George Washington Carver High School the day after she was killed. She wanted to go to college to study fashion design.

"She was a cheerleader and she loved school," said her brother Mark.

The family also wants something done about safety on the Boulevard.

"There's been many of lives lost unnecessarily because it's not safe to cross the street on Roosevelt Boulevard," said Linda Brown, another aunt.