Survivalist donates barrels of food and medicine to Puerto Rico

Joseph Badame and his wife lived in in Medford for forty years. They were survivalists that believed they needed to prepare for the end of society but when his wife got sick, Joseph says his priorities changed.

"They said she would only have a one in a hundred chance of living for a year, so I decided that was going to be the best year of her life. Took her on a cruise and all. Well she lived for eight years. That stroke cost a million dollars."

Joe could no longer afford the prepper compound that he and his wife spent a lifetime building and when the bank foreclosed on the house he honestly had lost his reason to try. But there were still decades of supplies they had accumulated.

"One barrel feeds one person for a year and there are seventy barrels," said Joe.

Things weren't looking great for Joe but as fate would have it on the day the bank scheduled an estate sale of his property they also hired a food truck to provide refreshments. The owners of the truck Anthony and Victoria Barber just happened to have family recently devastated by Hurricane Maria and Victoria says they needed to help.

"I just put up a sign that said Hurricane Maria relief and all the donations would go to Puerto Rico….and Joe was the first person to donate and he donated one hundred dollars."

Sitting there as his house was being foreclosed upon and his property sold, Joe wanted to join Victoria and Anthony and help others. Something Victoria deeply appreciated

"It was hurtful to kind of see all of his belongings being sold, so he was leaving, but he said go downstairs and look at all the food I have. If you think you can get it out of there you can have it."

Joe's quirky compound had food and medical supplies, exactly what people in Puerto Rico need and his kindness was what Victoria and Anthony needed.

"He gave me hope and really kind of restored my faith."

And in another twist; with nowhere to go, Joe now lives in an RV on Victoria and Anthony's property and Anthony says he has become like fast family.

"Joe is family, he was helping us wrap empanadas and scooping ice cream…he's awesome, you don't meet people like that."

You can donate to Anthony and Victoria's Go Fund Me page for Hurricane Maria relief, HERE!