Suspect accused of stealing trucks from 2 different dealerships in Camden County

Gloucester City police say a thief is accused of stealing two different trucks from two different dealerships on Route 130 in Camden County.

The first truck theft happened just after 7 p.m. on Jan. 2.

"You hear about people taking cars when the business is closed at night or in front of someone's house but never when you're actually open for business,"  owner of CW Clarke Jeff Mauro told FOX 29.

He says someone drove off with a new car as the shop owners were right across the street.  

Police say a short time later a robbery was committed down the road in Haddon Township, New Jersey. Police have not confirmed a connection between the theft and robbery.

Investigators say the suspect is accused of stealing another truck just weeks before at a dealership up the road.

"He actually came in under the guise of buying it. He wanted to look at it and wanted the keys," Bob Nage said.

Nage says it was his dealership that was burglarized and that the suspect was looking at a 2016 black Ram truck when he asked to see the keys.

"Part of the normal procedure of someone wanting to buy a car that we give him the keys," Nage said.

The suspect drove straight off the lot.  According to Nage, he has actually spoken with a man who claims to be the thief through Facebook. 

CW Clarke is offering a $1,000 reward in the case. The investigation is ongoing.


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