Suspect Arrested in Carjacking, Robbery of Center City Doctor

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police say they have made an arrest in the carjacking and robbery of a Center City doctor.

His boss and police are calling 25-year-old Manveer Komer a hero after he interrupted a carjacking Wednesday morning and helped save a Center City doctor.

Police say it all started when the suspect carjacked the doctor from this parking garage at 7th and Delancey across from Pennsylvania Hospital. Minutes later, the accused carjacker was caught on camera at a Port Richmond gas station forcing the carjacked doctor to use her ATM card. Komer noticed the doctor and the suspect acting suspiciously.

"Nervous, this girl all very nervous," Komer told FOX 29.

Komer's quick decision to intervene spooked the carjacker and he left the store. The doctor remained inside safe as komer tried to get her keys and cell phone back from the carjacker even though he had a gun.

"No problem you shoot, shoot me, try and shoot me. It's my duty to this customer to help. It's my store help," Komer explained.

Bite: The suspect sped off in the doctor's Honda Fit. Police later tracked the doctor's cell phone and the car to "a" street near Allegheny and arrested the suspect and a second man. Back at the Exxon station Komer's boss was singing his praises.

"He saved somebody's life, that's a very important thing. He saved that girl's life," said manager Sikander Singh.
The doctor was not seriously injured, according to police.