Suspected Burglar Captured After Brave 12-Year-Old Girl Took Photo of Him, Called 911

(INSIDE EDITION)- A 12-year-old girl who was home alone when a suspected burglar tried to break in handled the incident with guts and bravery beyond her years.

Taylor Blanton was playing video games on the kitchen counter, waiting for her mom to come home from work when she heard the man trying to get in the back door.

She showed INSIDE EDITION her hiding spot, saying it's where she ducked down and spied on the suspect.

Blanton kept her cool and dialed 911. "Do you have a description on the person?" the operator asked.

"He's wearing a red auburn T-shirt and he's wearing a hat, and he has a rag in his back pocket," Blanton said.

She did another remarkable thing - not only did she take video of the stranger as he lurked between homes, she also took a picture.

The suspected burglar knocked on the door first, then he went to the neighbor's house and kept trying to knock on the back door. He tugged on it and banged on the garage door.

Blanton found a hiding place in her bedroom closet. "If he breaks in, I'm not just going to just be sitting in a chair, like 'Hi,'" she said.

Working with Blanton's description, and the photo and video she took, police picked up the suspect a few blocks from her house. The man is a career criminal who cops said is linked to other burglaries in the neighborhood.

"That was not fun!" she said.