Suspects sought after ATM explosion at Chestnut Hill shopping center

An ATM explosion at the Wells Fargo branch in Chestnut Hill caused no injuries, but police are on the hunt for suspects. 

Officials say the explosion of the ATM occurred Tuesday, just after 5:30 a.m., on the 7700 block of Crittenden Street, at what is normally a busy shopping center. Sources say a powerful M-style device tore apart the ATM and they got away with a lot of cash.

"These things are potentially lethal. If they don't kill you, they're gonna alter your life forever," counterterrorism expert Joseph Sullivan said.

ATM explosion near Wells Fargo branch in Chestnut Hill shopping Center leaves no injuries.

The ATM bombers went on a rampage last year starting in June. Dozens of ATM bombings rocked the Philadelphia area and Delaware. This is the second time a Chestnut Hill bank ATM has been hit. They haven't struck since December.

"They're gonna go where the money is. Try to change it up a little bit so that police cannot detect some type of pattern," Sullivan added.

Sources tell FOX 29 federal and city bomb experts have been hard at work behind the scenes trying to track down the bombers using surveillance video, components from the exploded devices, and other evidence. 

According to authorities, the bomb squad was notified after the explosion. They say a white work van was seen leaving the area.

Police are investigating the incident.



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