Suspects sought in Bensalem burglary

Bensalem police are searching for two suspects in connection with a burglary on Vandegrift Lane. 

“It’s very remote, you know, so somebody that went back there probably knew the area a little bit and decided to take some items," neighbor Joe Knoblouch said.

According to neighbors, the apparently abandoned and incomplete building where the burglary took place is not on your average populated road. It’s a grassy drive that backs right up to I-95 and is hidden along a thicket of trees.

The area is littered with no trespassing signs depending on where you walk and it's by a historic cemetery.

Bensalem Public Safety Director Fred Harran walked FOX 29 through the crime, which includes surveillance video showing what cops believe to be a white Pontiac Grand Am pulling up to the scene. Multiple angles catch the crew working the side of the building for a way in before allegedly stealing a Comcast cable router and an auto-dialer.

Police say all too often this kind of stuff is sold off for some fast cash to pay for a quick fix. 

“A lot of people think well they need to steal hundreds of dollars in merchandise to get high. You only need to get $5 to $10  in your hand to get high and that can be got in any car, anywhere on the streets in the Delaware Valley," Harran said.

If you have any information, please contact Bensalem police at 215-633-3719.