Swim club vandalized in Upper Moreland

"They went through all the money bags, receipts that we take to the bank on a daily basis," said Ziegler.

Ziegler believes the vandals were after easy cash--and when they couldn't find it, they got mad.

"It seemed as they progressed not finding money the destruction became greater," he said.

Heavy steel tables were moved, and soda and ice machines were left busted and tossed around.

Then, fire extinguishers were sprayed on the floors and furniture.

Obscene words and images were spray-painted on walls and tables.

According to Ziegler, the damages will cost the club $30,000. The club runs on the membership of local families.

Based on the mess, Ziegler believes there were multiple people who broke in by jumping a nearby fence.

They did allegedly leave clues behind-foot and fingerprints.

The club was set to open in just a few weeks, just in time for the summer season.

Now, members are left picking up the pieces of this act of rage and apparent greed.