Talk of the town: Swan spotted strutting down street in Bucks County community

‘Why did the swan cross the road?’ isn't the opening line to a snappy joke, it's a question people in one Bucks County community have been wondering for weeks. 

The Upper Makefield Police Department shared photos on their Facebook page this week of an officer following closely behind a large swan as it strutted down the middle of Taylorsville Road. 

Police say the large bird blocked traffic on the two-lane road. Locals have also reported seeing the swan stymie traffic. 

"I haven’t even really seen much of it, but all of my clients are saying they can’t get here," Crystal Class of Simply Stunning hair studio told FOX 29. "This is blocked. That’s blocked and [the swan] is just taking over."

Locals have spotted a swan in Bucks County that has disrupted traffic.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson searched for the elusive swan near River Road, where it's said to frequent, but she didn't have an encounter. Timing is everything because a neighbor who lives on River Road said she hasn't even seen the bird. 

Others have their own stories, like Kristi McKenzie who shared her theory on where the big swan could be hiding. 

"I think it flies somewhere at night to nest and then is in the pond during the day," she said.




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