"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham gifts her daughter with $600 from the "tooth fairy"

Farrah Abraham may not be regarded as the best mom in the world by some, but we think her daughter Sophia might beg to differ.

The "Teen Mom" star posted a photo of her daughter on Twitter, showing her missing her two front teeth. But she gained a lot with the loss.

"Sophia lost her 2 front teeth! Busy #ToothFairy," Abraham captioned the photo. It shows Sophia smiling widely with her two front teeth missing.

But that's not all.

Also featured in the photo are all the gifts Sophia collected from the "tooth fairy." It appears that she got some earrings, necklaces, lip gloss, and a purse - and what looks to be $600 to go in that purse!

Sophia certainly is a lucky little girl!