Teen Says He Was Attacked by Another Student at George Washington High School

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) George Washington freshman Sunnie Tahmas showed FOX 29 the effects of an assault that sent him to the hospital Wednesday midday.

A fellow freshman attacked him without warning or provocation-- as he waited for the bus home after early dismissal, according to the student. Tahmas says several other students appeared ready to record the beatdown with their smartphones.

"I didn't know what was happening at all. I didn't recognize his face or anything."

Tahmas and his father spoke to me in an effort to spread the word-- they do not feel safe at George Washington.

"It's just at the point where the violence at this particular school is just ridiculous, and the administration is doing nothing at all to keep our kids safe."

Mike Bush had particularly harsh words for school principal Gene Jones-- seen here last month, getting an earful from angry parents, after the release of a video showing a brawl in the school cafeteria.

Jones told me by phone that the school has made improvements and is safe for students.

A district spokesman says additional safety officers have been hired and that a safety manager will soon report to the school.

But even he admits parents are frustrated.

"What are they telling you?"

"They're telling us that they feel like the school is not as safe as it was last year. That the climate has changed. They have concerens that there are more fights in the school- that their kids feel that the climate is actually going down."

Bush and his son say they've had enough.

"I love Philadelphia. I love this city. But at this point we're just thinking about leaving the city because I don't think our kids are safe in the public schools anymore."

"Do you feel safe going back?"

ST: "Uh, no."

BG: "Do you have any plans to go back?"

ST: "No."