Teen shot in head: 'I am tougher than a bullet'

(INSIDE EDITION) A Utah girl who was shot in the head and left for dead in a canal has been discharged from the hospital after a two-month stay, according to reports.

Deserae Turner, 14, was allegedly shot on Feb. 16 by two 16-year-old boys who police said had planned to rob and kill Turner under the guise that they would sell her a weapon.

Turner's parents called the police that day when she did not return home after school, police said.

Hours later, after a search of the area, family friends found the teen semi-conscious with a gunshot wound to the head and she was transported to the hospital.

According to court documents, the boys allegedly shot Turner and then took $55 from her purse, threw away her backpack and purposely damaged her cell phone.

Text messages indicated that the boys' actions were premeditated, according to police.

The teens have been charged with aggravated attempted murder, aggravated robbery and four counts of obstructing justice.

Police said they later found the handgun used in the shooting, as well as Turner's phone.

Thankfully the teen has made what her family is calling a "remarkable recovery."

"I'm happy to go home," Turner said.

Turner's father, Matt Turner, said he's felt the community's outpouring of support along the journey.

"Mostly, we look forward to having our little family together again," Matt Turner said.