Teen Who Once Battled Leukemia Will Go to Prom Bald to Celebrate 5 Years Cancer-Free

(INSIDE EDITION) A crucial step to preparing for prom may be a glamorous hairstyle, but this childhood cancer survivor from Texas decided to make a statement by going completely bald for the event.

Georgia Moore, 17, of Austin, is celebrating her five-year anniversary of successfully beating leukemia by going to her high school prom with a shaved head, all in the name of childhood cancer research.

"I hope they see me like I'm a survivor," Georgia told InsideEdition.com

Georgia's campaign to raise money for the St. Baldrick's Foundation was inspired by the campaign her parents, grandfather, and sister held when they shaved their own heads when she was diagnosed with cancer at 10 years old.

"I wasn't young enough that I didn't know what it meant, but I guess I wasn't old enough to really appreciate how serious it was," she said. "I was scared, but I wasn't really scared."

She was diagnosed in 2009, and spent the rest of fourth grade in and out of treatment at St. Baldrick's Hospital, where she received blood transfusions, IV treatment, pills, spinal taps and other forms of chemotherapy until she was declared cancer-free in 2012.

When Georgia started losing her hair at the beginning of her treatment, the hospital hosted an event where several teams of people would shave their head to raise money for cancer research. Georgia shaved the rest of her hair alongside her family, while the day also featured miniature horses, snacks and celebration.

"Everyone seemed so happy to be there and celebrate the money raised and all the accomplishments of these people," she recalled.

Now to celebrate her fifth year cancer-free, she decided to give it all back by shaving her head for her senior prom. Instead of her illness dictating her baldness, she chose to go bald on her own.

"You shave your head, but really that's nothing in comparison to what some of these people -- what some of these kids -- you know have to do," Georgia said. "I guess [classmates] might look at me and wonder but I feel fine. I like it."