Teen with Down syndrome cries as boyfriend asks her to homecoming dance

Chivalry isn't dead -- just ask Jake Martin.

The teen reduced his entire school to a resounding "aww" with his sweet homecoming proposal to his girlfriend, who has Down syndrome.

Jake, 15, who also has Down syndrome, waited for the opportunity to approach Emily De'Angelo at a school function while she was with her cheerleading team recruiting freshman for the squad.

"He told me he had to speak to her and he definitely did," Jake's father, Tom Martin, told InsideEdition.com.

The two were assigned in the same classroom under their high schools special needs program, and during a class discussion on relationships one day, Jake raised his hand to confess he didn't have a girlfriend.

"Emily jumped right in and shouted, 'if you don't have a girlfriend, can I be yours?' and they instantly clicked," Tom Martin told Inside Edition.

Jake contemplated for a while on how to surprise Emily with a homecoming proposal, and enlisted the help of school faculty, friends and family to make the thoughtful gesture come true.

"My wife touched it up with balloons and some teachers in the school helped spread the word about his big question to Emily," Martin said.

After a week of planning, Emily was sitting in the school's cafeteria where students were secretly awaiting Jake's grand entrance with a huge cookie cake adorned with the big question: 'Emily, will you go to homecoming with me?'"

Emily seemed puzzled on what was going on until she saw her boyfriend approach with the cake.

"They both looked so red when Jake popped the question," Martin said.

She immediately shouted yes and an outpouring of emotion followed.

As Jake comforted her with a hug, students applauded as they watched.

"I'm so glad that he is in our lives because he shows us how people should be treated," Jake's proud father said.

The adorable pair has been together for more than a year now and this will be their second homecoming as a couple.