Teenage Clown With Good Intentions Creeps Out Neighbors

WAUKESHA COUNTY, WI- Feeling down? Look at a clown. That's what one Wisconsin teen is trying to do- dressing up in a clown suit to give the community a laugh.

But his efforts are coming off more creepy than fun...

Anna Linde says if anyone's seen a creepy clown near her main street house that would be her 15-year-old son.

"He`s doing it for laughs and to make people smile. I don`t think his intentions are to upset anyone," Linde explained.

Linde concedes it's a strange sight this late in November and says police even had a talk with her about it.

"They were getting a lot of calls and said it would help them out if he would give it a rest for a couple days so my son gave it a rest for a day and then went back at it," Linde said.

One of the first social media posts about the clown is a tweet from November 7th sent by Carroll University student Marissa Bouma.

"My first reaction was lock the doors as it was really creepy; no one had seen or heard of it at this point," Bouma said.

Bouma says she saw the clown near the boy's house.

Recently, there have been posts from others saying they saw someone in a creepy costume on the Carroll campus.

"I saw him two days later in the same spot but apparently, he was walking around campus a few nights ago also," Bouma explained.

Linde says if anyone's seen a similar costume on campus, it must've been someone else.

She says her son is only allowed to perform near the house.

"He doesn`t wander off, I've never had trouble with him. If I tell him he's grounded, he's grounded and he knows it," Linde said.

Linde doesn't plan on having her son cut it out with the costumes any time soon.

"I'd rather him do this than run the streets, get girls pregnant, do drugs like other teens are doing nowadays," Linde said.