Temple board schedules vote to dismiss president

Temple University's board of trustees has taken a vote of no confidence in President Neil Theobald and announced its intention to dismiss him, but it's going to take another vote to do that.

The trustees will vote next Thursday, July 21, on dismissing Theobald, who has led the university for 3-1/2 years.

At the board's regular Tuesday meeting, board spokesman Kevin Feeley said the no confidence vote was unanimous among the 34 of 36 trustees present.

Feeley told The Philadelphia Inquirer the university's financial deficit was $9 million a year ago, but Theobald allowed it to grow to $22 million, rather than correct it.

Less than a month ago, Theobald removed provost Hai-Lung Dai. Feeley said the no confidence decision was largely based on Theobald's handling of Dai's removal and the deficit.

This week, the board named Temple law school dean JoAnne Epps as provost.

President Theobald has not gotten back to FOX 2 News for comment.