Temple students traveling to high impact coronavirus countries must self-quarantine before returning to campus

Temple University is on spring break right now and when students come back there could be some issues on campus, with regard to coronavirus.

College students on spring break in 2020 are getting a taste of a new kind of corona – COVID-19, the ever-spreading virus.

Temple University letter about coronavirus.

“Nobody associated with Temple has COVID-19. We want to make sure it stays that way,” Temple University spokesperson Ray Betzner stated.

Temple University letter about coronavirus.

Betzner says a letter went out to the school community Thursday, explaining that anyone who has traveled to heavily impacted countries, including China, Iran, Italy, Japan or south Korea, must be self-quarantined at home for a full two weeks before returning to campus.

“Keep track of how you’re feeling and take a temperature every day,” Betzner explained.

Will people take self-monitoring seriously?

“I hope so. I hope so. Seems like it’s gonna be required at some point, coming through the airports and stuff,” Zach Sultanik said.

“There are concerns people might not be honest. We haven’t found anybody who has not been honest,” Betzner added.


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Betzner says Temple students who were studying abroad in Italy are now back in the United States, self-monitoring. Students in Japan are still abroad, but the classes are now online only.

“It’s terrifying, for real, for real,” said dance major Robyn Bellah.

Bellah thinks all students should stay home.

“It’s nothing against Temple. I think we should close it down, just because, you never what the person could have. You just never know,” Bellah added.

Some of Bellah’s colleagues aren’t fazed by the email updates, new protocols or heightened concerns on campus or abroad.

“I’m a healthy person. It doesn’t seem worse than flu. I’ve survived the flu, so I think I’m ok,” Sultanik said.

“I think what’s encouraging is what I saw on the television, that 80 percent of cases are mild. So, I take solace in that,” Trynton Mumma said.


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