Temple University working to help UArts students as uproar continues over school's abrupt closing

Students organized a jam session outside the University of the Arts Tuesday evening ahead the school's abrupt closing this upcoming Friday.

Students are literally making noise as the only way they feel their voices will be heard. All the while, they say school administration has gone silent.

"We've asked a lot of questions so far. So right now all I am asking right now is a conversation with any of the board of trustees," said Rebekah Palmer, who is a student in the university’s School of Dance. 

Students say they found out this weekend that their school will close this coming Friday.

"It is such a devastating loss for the community and I hate to admit that because we are still actively fighting out here to preserve the community," said Fiona McMahon, who is also studying dance here.


UArts students, parents outraged after school cancels townhall meeting amid abrupt closing

Students and parents protested outside of the University of the Arts building in hopes of getting answers to the announcement of the school's sudden closure on June 7th, after they then cancelled a townhall meeting scheduled for Monday.

The university has also confirmed that its president, Kerry Walk, has resigned and with no further instruction.

"The town hall meeting we were supposed to have has been canceled and that has not been resurrected or talked about," said McMahon.

UArts has had its share of troubles, including a recent loss of its accreditation. 

The school president previously cited financial concerns, declining enrollment, declining revenue and increasing expenses.

"It's really painful but like we're just coping I think," said film student Michael Pacio Ximio.

Ace Butler-Thorne would have been an incoming freshman this fall studying animation.

"I was literally stressing out and about to give myself a stress induced migraine from how worried I was," she said.

Meanwhile, Temple University released the following statement calling the situation as they're exploring all options and possible solutions to preserve UArts' legacy. 

"The closing of the University of the Arts is devastating news, both for the Philadelphia and higher education communities. As Philadelphia’s public university, Temple is doing all it can to support the arts and higher education in our city. Our top priority is working to ensure that all UArts students have a path to completing their studies. This is a fluid situation, and we continue to gather more information in relation to the University of the Arts’ sudden closure. We are committed to continuing conversations with UArts representatives to explore all options and possible solutions to preserve the arts and the rich legacy of this 150-year-old institution.

"I'm not ready to like let go of this university and this institution until we do have clear communication from the higher ups," said McMahon.