Tennessee authorities search for person who set dog on fire

Authorities say Diamond was set on fire. (Credit: Metro Animal Care and Control)

An animal rescue center in Tennessee wants to find the person who set a dog on fire.

Metro Animal Care and Control in Nashville said, on Wednesday, officers were called to a home where they found a dog in "terrible shape."

It was clear that the dog, now named Diamond, had been set on fire and needed emergency care. Officers took the dog to a local vet immediately.

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"Her swelling has already gone down, but she still has a long road to recovery," the center said in a Facebook post. " She has been very sweet and friendly to everyone at our shelter since arriving, and our team continues to provide the best care for her as she continues to recover."

Authorities believe the attack happened Tuesday night on Carroll Street, just south of I-40.

The center is also asking for the public’s support, including fostering and adopting.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.