Tennessee Highway Patrol Find Unique Way to Stop Texting and Driving

Drivers are expected to hit the road in droves this Labor Day Weekend.

But more cars means more distracted driver's texting behind the wheel.

State Troopers in Tennessee have come up with a unique way to crack down on the dangerous behavior.

Tennessee State Troopers are hiding in plain sight as they try to recapture the attention of distracted drivers.

"Folks aren't looking for rigs like this that belong to us that are used for these enforcement initiatives," says Josh Brown, of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

As a driver, you might be uncomfortable with the idea of cops peering down into your car from a big rig. But police insist it's all about saving lives.

The National Safety Council cites distracted driving as the third leading cause of traffic fatalities- just after alcohol and speeding.

"It seems like people have the attitude everybody does it and this one time isn't gonna matter," said Brown. "This one time isn't gonna hurt. And, unfortunately, many times those distractions do end up in crashes."

Police compare the distracting effects of texting to driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

They say a change in social attitudes will go a long way in saving lives.