Terminally ill dog gets to live out his bucket list

It was his picture on a shelter's euthanasia list that caught Casey Keller's eye.

"The second I saw his picture I knew exactly what was happening," said Keller. "He was going through congestive heart failure due to heart worm infestation."

Knowing he only had days left to live didn't stop Keller from opening up her home and heart to this Pitt she named King.

The pair set out on an adventure that's fit for a . . . , you get the reason for his name. People from all over are following King and his bucket list on Facebook.

Over the last few days King has had steak, shrimp a pupachino from Starbucks and ice cream.

"We went to McDonalds, we went to Burger King, we went to Chuy's," Keller said.

King's bucket list also included a trip to the beach.

"He wasn't that fond of the ocean, but he loved the sand," said Keller.

And King loves everyone he comes in contact with.

The sad part of King's bucket list is that his death could have been avoided. If his previous owner had spent just a few bucks a month for preventative heart worm medication King would have lived for many more years.
He will more than likely die in just a few more days.

"King's not mad at his previous owner, he's not worried about the fact that he's going to be euthanized," Keller said. "He's just having the time of his life."

Keller on the other hand is preparing for a heartache and a half.

"I'm an emotional wreck about it but this is truly about King and the only thing that makes me sadder than what we're going to have to do with him, is what would have happened if we hadn't seen him and been able to pull him to give him this bucket list," Keller said.

Keller is the founder of Houston Street Dogs Rescue, a non-profit organization.