Testimony begins in Dewey Green murder trial

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. --(WAGA)--An emotional start Thursday to the trial of a man accused of killing a 53-year-old woman in front of her own daughter and baby granddaughter last year.

The incident took place in June of 2014 on Highway 5 in Douglasville.

Prosecutors say 24-year-old Dewey Green rear ended Janice Pitts' car with his truck. They say he then hit her car two more times. When she got out to look at the damage, police say Dewey pressed on the accelerator, pinning Pitts between the two cars, killing her. Police say Dewey then ran over Pitts' body as he was driving.

But there was a reason, according to Green's attorney, William Head. He told FOX 5, that during the trial, he will present evidence that shows Green hit his head during the initial crash. An expert will testify that he believes the impact caused Green to have a seizure. Head says Green does not remember anything about the incident. He was never taken to a hospital.

After opening statements, Pitts daughter, who witnessed the incident, was first to testify.

Prosecutors said they have more than a dozen witnesses and evidence to show green was in full control of his truck that day.

The trial could take two weeks.

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