‘Thank God there are people like you’: Community makes signs of support for St. Louis hospital staff

The emergency department at a hospital in St. Louis has been hard at work fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, and local residents have been doing their part to show support by sending pizza and other food supplies while children make uplifting signs to boost morale during a difficult time. 

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“The amount of generosity makes my heart full,” said Laura Weaver, ED nurse manager for SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital. 

According to a spokesperson for the hospital, community members have even been putting up colorful signs saying “thank you” on the gates surrounding the facility. 

Many of the signs delivered by the residents have come with message of hope and gratitude, saying, “Thank God there are people like you,” and “We couldn’t do it without you.”


The emergency department at a hospital in St. Louis has been hard at work fighting the COVID-19 outbreak has received praise from local residents. (SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - St. Louis)

The hospital’s intensive care unit has been on the front lines of fighting the novel coronavirus outbreak and everyone has been doing what they can to get through the devastating pandemic. 

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“Recently, our women’s health services staff in Labor & Delivery Mother/Baby and the NICU units asked their kids to make encouraging and uplifting signs for their fellow ED coworkers,” the hospital said. 

Even health care staff have been doing what they can to raise spirits among their colleagues by putting up signs of encouragement as well as balloons in the hallways of the hospital. 

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“I am so thankful for my coworkers during this pandemic. No matter what role you play, everyone who walks into this hospital is essential to keeping it running, and every employee here is truly a hero for the compassion and bravery they show every day,” a St. Mary’s Hospital nurse said.