That's not my kid!

Abisai Moreno Iglesias is a 33-year-old man from Tyler, Texas, who for almost a decade has been embroiled in the one of the weirdest child support stories you'll ever hear. He's had thousands of dollars garnished from his wages by the state of New Jersey -- all to support a child that isn't his. And he could have had even more money taken out of his paycheck as recently as the first week of July if it weren't for a little help from Chasing News.

Mr. Iglesias was accidentally attached to a child support case in Cumberland County, New Jersey because he has almost the same name as the father of nine year-old girl. "My name is Abisai Moreno Iglesias. His name is Abisai Iglesias Velasquez," he told Mike LaMarca via Skype.

After being contacted by Chasing News, NJ Department of Human Services refunded the money garnished from Abisai's wages and permanently removed him from the child support system.