The Delaware Valley COVID vaccine push is on

The number of fully vaccinated people in the Delaware Valley stands with Pennsylvania at nearly 44 percent, Delaware at 43.5 percent, Philadelphia at 41 percent and leading the pack is New Jersey at 49.1 percent.

It’s the latest numbers as President Joe Biden declares June National Month of Action. He is hoping to get at least 70 percent of adults partially vaccinated by July 4th. The push is on to get more and more people vaccinated.

"It feels good to be back to normal," remarked a concert-goer.

Julia Bailen of the band Bailen says this is the first time she and her brothers are performing an in-person concert in more than a year and the energy is emotional.

"It’s amazing. So crazy to play with a loud sound system and watch people’s faces move. That’s the show, for me," Bailen explained.

A couple hundred yards from the concert space – a pop-up vaccination clinic hosted by the Camden County Health Department. And, in the Parkside section of West Philadelphia, a similar community based pop-up outside of a Shop Rite store, increased, easy access to the vaccine as President Biden announces the launch of National Month of Action: a plan to mobilize a collective spring to get 70 percent of U.S. adults at least one dose by July 4th.

The current effort seems slow-moving at a quiet tent outside a busy grocery store, but a local health care administrator says it’s what they expected.

"Those who didn’t get it yet, they are not sure, yet. It’s really about being patient with people. Every one person counts, even if we came here and spent one hour and vaxxed one person. I look at it like we saved one life," Senior Practice Manager of Oak Street Health Eugene Godonou explained.



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