This Elderly Couple Couldn't Be Any Cuter in 'The Notebook'-Themed Photo Shoot

(INSIDE EDITION) There are no better models than this Oklahoma couple for a photo shoot inspired by The Notebook, especially since their whole life seems lifted from a movie.

Last weekend, Clemma and Sterling Elmore, 76 and 80, channeled their best Allie and Noah in a shoot modeled after scenes from The Notebook, shot by their very own granddaughter-in-law, Stacy Welch-Christ, of Mary Evelyn Photography.

"They're as adorable as they look in those pictures," Welch-Christ, of Wewoka, told

In fact, the story of their 57 years together mirrors the 2004 film and the 1996 book on which it was based.

After they met, they immediately began going steady. Within four months, the couple were wildly in love and married.

To set up the photo shoot, Welch-Christ said they recreated notes they often wrote to each other over the years, mirroring the letters Noah saved for Allie while he was serving in World War II.

Clemma's note to Sterling read: "You are my life and my true love. Love you always and forever, Clemma."

Sterling's read: "You are God's gift to me and I love you. Sterling Elmore."

They even have a vintage truck that their children and grandchildren grew up riding.

"That truck is super sentimental too," their granddaughter-in-law said. "The '54 Chevy in the picture was their son's truck. All of their kids have had pictures in it and they've driven down dirt roads with their dad."

Matched with the picturesque country backdrop, Welch-Christ said the shoot couldn't have gone better.

"I'm extremely sentimental," she said. "I'd hate it if they didn't know what '[The Notebook]' was, but [Clemma] goes, 'Oh we love that movie. Both me and Sterling love it.'"