This Pooch Was Collared! Dog Poses for Booking Photo After Being Found by Cops

(INSIDE EDITION) It was a case of paw and order in Florida as a lost dog was taken to a local police department after being found by cops because the canine "refused to tell officers where she lived."

Willow had wandered away from her home in Tarpon Springs with no information tags and was taken to the local police department Monday where she was booked and photographed.

One cop had to hoist her up for her booking photo because on four legs she was too short. The pooch put her paws in the air and was charged as a captured fugitive.

Willow was also paw printed.

According to the Tarpon Springs Police Department, Willow was "very cooperative with officers and probably one of the most friendly prisoners we've ever had in custody."

Later in the day one of Willow's owners came to claim the dog and she was taken home.

The dog was released on bond and a representative for the pooch has not commented on the matter.