Thousands expected at "March for Our Lives" in First Ward Park

Charlotte area students saying "Never Again" to gun violence in their schools as thousands get ready to head to the "March for our Lives" rally on Saturday.

It's images like the ones from the Parkland, Florida school shooting of students running for their safety that has the marchers organizers saying enough is enough.

"It kind of hit me in heart where this really could happen here if we are not careful," March Organizer Maddie Syfert said.

Maddie Syfert and Carly Lerner are organizing Saturday's "March for Our Lives" in Charlotte following the lead of Parkland student survivors who are now challenging legislators on gun and school safety laws.

"They survived school shootings and now they are doing what they have to do, they are doing what they have to do for their peers who didn't make it out alive of that school and if no one else if going to do it then they are going to do it," organizer Carly Lerner said.

"The students really rose up and they said we are able to vote this year and if you aren't going to make a difference we are going to vote you out of office because now we have the power to do that," Syfert said.

Saturday's march is to show solidarity and find ways to pass laws banning the sale of assault weapons and improving background checks.

"This isn't a left of right issue. This is a generational issue and I think if people do research and see what we are fighting for, we aren't trying to take away responsible gun owners guns," Lerner said.

The March will start at First Ward Park at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. They plan on having speakers which include Sandy Hook survivors. After the speeches, they will head to Marshall Park. For these organizers, this is just the start.

"Marches aren't enough but they are a display but they show that people care and they are coming together," Lerner said.

These young organizers hope the march's message leads to new laws that protect students well into the future.

"The big reason to come out is to never again see another school shooting or any shooting," Syfert said.

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