TikTok challenge causes damage to Boyertown schools as officials seek possible criminal charges

It’s the talk of the Boyertown school community, a disturbing trend on TikTok called Devious Licks.

Freshman Nicholas says he’s seen the videos.

"I just think it’s crazy how it became a trend to steal stuff and it’s just not normal," he commented.

Student William Falkner has also seen the videos, stating, "It’s honestly just dumb. I don’t know how or why people are doing it."

What students are doing is destroying their school bathrooms, as part of a TikTok challenge. Videos are popping up all over the social media platform showing sinks and toilets actually being ripped out. The goal is to be the one to steal or create the most damage for the school day. Falkner says he has witnessed it first-hand.

"I just saw someone steal a whole thing of hand sanitizer and I don’t know what they’re gonna do with it. They literally just snagged it out of plain sight. It’s bad," Falkner commented.

There have been 13 incidents at Boyertown High School and the two middle schools. Superintendent Marybeth Torchia addressed the craze, called Devious Licks, and The Bathroom Challenge at Tuesday night’s school board meeting, to let parents know it won’t be tolerated.

"When students are caught, charges will be and have been filed. These charges will be anything from criminal mischief to receiving stolen property," Torchia stated.

Parents are stunned. Mom Johanna Falkner elaborated, "I don’t know how you could literally walk out with something like that without someone seeing and, at least, speaking up about it. It’s just destructive"

Dad Mike Billetta agrees.

"It’s just terrible because somebody’s gonna have to absorb the cost for that. You know, there’s a chance for injury and then, especially during COVID, if they’re damaging the only place you get to clean up," Billetta explained.

Students say it’s giving Boyertown a bad reputation. In addition to kids facing charges, the superintendent says they will be responsible for paying for the damage and the cost to clean up the mess, not to mention, being suspended from school.



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