Second round of stimulus checks on the way

The second round of stimulus checks is expected to put $600 bucks in your pocket, as well as subsidies for small businesses and schools. The money could arrive in your bank account as early as next week. 

Ringing in the holidays with another round of stimulus checks has some people ready to spend and others waiting to save. But one New Jersey deli owner, who was forced to close his doors, says this is an opportunity to save small shops. 

"Right now, everyone is feeling the impact," said Nick Hughes. "I’m going to a different state because I’m going to find a better business climate in a conservative state than I am compared to what I experienced here in Jersey."

Hughes is packing up and taking his deli down south. But before he leaves, Hughes took to Facebook, urging neighbors to shop small and save stores like Florence Hardware.

"That one just happens to be a really sweet lady, a small town feel, and just the kind of treatment you don’t see anymore," said Hughes. 

FOX 29's Lauren Dugan paid a visit to the owner Joyce and her cat Tango asking what this new stimulus money would mean to her.

 "Some businesses, there is just no way they are going to make it. but I think people are doing anything they can to keep them afloat." 

Joyce says she applied for a loan back in the spring, but when the state called to give her the help, she told them to give it to another business in dire need. 

"I told them I didn’t need it anymore because my business was doing well enough so I figured let someone else who is suffering, let them get the money." 

With holiday shopping on the mind, who doesn’t need some extra cash right now? Most folks we spoke with said they won’t spend their stimulus checks until it’s in their hands. 

"I’ll probably just wait until l it comes. It never works out spending money you don’t have," said Keith Fleming, who lives in Florence.


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