Tough Cookie : Chester Pharmacist Makes Difference In Community

She comes from a long line of tough cookies from a tough neighborhood, a place surrounded by crime, poverty, and despair.

Dr. Kristin Ball-Motley comes from what some only think of as the mean streets of Chester, PA.. She is a pride of Chester High School, but not exactly a "goody two shoes," but not everybody had Kristin's brain and grand mom, Edwina Bradley.

"I've been taking care of her ever since she was born," Bradley said.

Her mom Edith Ball kept Kristin's eye on the ball when she thought boys, cutting class, and a prominent stuttering problem may cause Kristin to stray from a path to being sought after by universities all over.

"You have to be tough and I was tough on her," Edith said.

"She never gave up on me, her or my father and that's why I was able to overcome all of the statistics," Motley said.

She got her degrees no longer stutters as much, but mainly, she got over caring when she does.

"I accept it for who I am and it's ok because the world is not going to end," Motley said.

Kristin could have stayed in Florida, accepting an offer from big corporations, health facilities, or universities.

"But she promised me that she was going to come home and she was going to help the community," Edith said.

Back in Chester, a wife and mother, Dr. Kristin Ball Motley is making house calls.

She's not a medical doctor; she's a pharmacist, here to sort through Miss Angie's wide collection of prescription drugs. These are meds prescribed by different doctors for different reasons some more expensive than food.

Some of these drugs have been refilled, exactly the same for years.

Miss Angie Rhoades is not the only senior here complaining about being rushed out of doctor's offices when they have questions about the all medicine they're taking and whether they really need it.

"I don't want to get dependent on them," Rhoades said.

Now many are asking for and getting help from Miss Edwina's granddaughter, who started her own medication management therapy company.

"This is a medication that doesn't cause any dependence so you don't have to worry about that but my concern is to make sure you're not in pain," Motley said.

Dr. Kristin, as some call her, comes to them on her own time to keeps tabs on how much prescription and over the counter meds, looking for possible adverse interactions, explaining how they work, and why they're even taking them.

"The other thing I did, I threw out a bunch of expired medications at that time. So we corrected that and how has that been working for you? Good now. OK. So now you've got that straight," FOX 29 camera captured her talking to one of her clients.

Miss Angie says she's been able to lower her blood sugar, her weight, stop smoking, and more with now fewer meds and at a much cheaper cost one drug dropping from $45 bucks a script to only $6.50 cents.

"She's always so willing to give you the information or Miss Angie, I'll find it out and get back to you it helps the senior feel good, love her(chuckle), "Miss Angie said.

So do the guys at the neighborhood barbershop, at free screenings in the park, fundraisers, and health seminars even our own Dr. Mike Cirigliano is pitching in. Where does she find the time?

"I am blessed to be able to be able to serve people the way that I do and I love it," Motley said.

Lucky for Mr. Bidgel, Kristen was still in the building when he passed out again.

"Mr. Bidgell, I'm gonna need you to take care of yourself - you take care of everybody else," Motley said.

"She's giving, she's doing her thing," Edwina said, but what about that getting paid thing?