Tourists enjoy Philadelphia in anticipation of the New Year's Eve celebration

Just a few more days until New Year's Eve and still plenty of holiday cheer to go around in Philadelphia. Tourists are here from all over the world to enjoy sights and sounds of the city.

As often said, the early bird gets the worm. In Old City Philadelphia, it gets the bell. The Liberty Bell, of course.

"Where's the best place to visit? Philly!" said Peter Reilly.

No argument there. Maybe he should lose the Jets cap, though.

"It was the only thing I could find, it was the only thing I could find!" exclaimed Reilly.

Peter Reilly and his family are visiting from Mexico and at the head of the line to get a look at the national landmark.

"I love history and this is the most historic place. This is where it started, in Philly," explained Reilly.

"We came the other day and it was closed because of the shutdown," said Cory Bosarge.

But, on the last day of their trip, Georgia teacher Cory Bosarge and his family lucked out, with the bell back open, despite the federal government shutdown, thanks to a $32,000 donation from Visit Philly.

"My wife did a lot of the planning and she was kind of bummed because we didn't get to go," Bosarge stated.

"What do you think of our city," asked Fox 29's Sabina Kuriakose.
"I love it. It's very nice," said Bosarge.

Very nice indeed. Just take a gander at Dilworth Park, where the ice was already being made perfect for triple axes, or maybe just a lovely spin around the rink. An ideal setting for tourists hoping to take in the lights and cheer in the run up to the new year celebration.

First time visitors Damion, Chase and their dad were heading over to take in the Franklin Institute's electric holiday programming.

Residents suggest staying for the New Year's Eve fireworks. They're all loaded up and ready to light up the night from the Cherry Street Pier.

And, there's no New Year in Philadelphia without the Mummers. Members of the Fancies and the string bands regaled shoppers at Reading Terminal Market Saturday morning, revving up the anticipation for the culmination of the holiday week.