Traffic nightmare for drivers, businesses in Haddonfield as crews replace aging infrastructure

A construction project is creating traffic jams in the Borough of Haddonfield frustrating businesses and customers alike.

"It’s annoying," said Bob Zwengler of Haddonfield. "The town is busy enough as it is, but I guess the work has to be done."

New Jersey American Water says the first part of the project replaces 2,400 feet of aging water and sewer infrastructure along Ellis Street and Haddon Avenue from Snowden Avenue to Lake Street.

The second phase of the project is expected to start in January and focuses on Haddon Avenue from Lake Street to Marne Avenue.

"Haddonfield is an incredible borough with a long history, and with that comes aging infrastructure" said John Graham, Senior Manager Field Operations, New Jersey American Water. "The collective mile of main we’re replacing dates back to the early 1900s, and this project will improve the delivery of water service to our current customers while strengthening our system for years to come."

Both phases are a $5.5 million investment in Haddonfield’s infrastructure.

"I think it’s really necessary and probably overdue, but the problem is we’re having blockades, traffic issues and people getting really upset having to wait a long time to go two blocks," said Nick Bekas, owner of Nicky B’s Pizzeria. "Once we tell [customers], look we’re slow to get around right now. We apologize for the inconvenience, they don’t even want to take the order."

Colleen Sparks-Jones is an esthetician at Forever Valentine Beauty and said some of her customers have missed their appointments because of the traffic.

"I feel so bad because it’s nobody’s fault. It’s not mine, it’s not theirs but traffic is stinky," said Sparks-Jones. "I just don’t understand why the construction wouldn’t be done at night."

The Borough of Haddonfield said police will relax enforcement for overnight parking regulations during this construction phase.

Check the borough’s app "Haddonfield Happenings" for updates regarding the road closures.