Traffic stop leads to heroin seized, driver arrested

New Castle County Police say they found more than 7,000 bags of heroin worth more than $7,000 during a traffic stop.

On Saturday afternoon, officers were conducting traffic enforcement in the 3800 block of Kirkwood Highway when the gray Jeep Cherokee directly in front of them committed violations.

Officers detected the smell of marijuana from inside and searched the vehicle.

They say they found 3,054 bags of heroin and 135.6 grams of marijuana. According to police, the estimated weight of the heroin is 45.81 grams with an approximate street value of $7,050.

They arrested Marcellus Jones and charged him with possession with intent to deliver a tier-four quantity of heroin, possession of heroin in a tier-a five quantity, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of marijuana with an aggravating factor, and three traffic violations.

He's being held at the Howard Young Correctional Institute in lieu of $85,300 bail.