Train conductor attacks man after he allegedly assaults woman riding the train

A video featuring an Australian train conductor attacking another man has gone viral.

Epic. Broadford station. 14:58 19th sept.

Victoria Police said in a statement that the man being attacked in the footage has been charged in relation to the alleged assault of a woman on the train on Saturday.

"Police are also investigating allegations of an altercation between the Croydon man and a public transport employee at Broadford Railway Station. The Croydon man has declined to make a statement at this stage," police said.

The video shows the conductor kicking the man as he lies on the ground. Then, the man stands and they fight a bit more.

Tony Morton from the Public Transport Users Association made a statement to 3AW saying that the situation was against procedure.

"What should have happened there was if there was a passenger assaulting people, there should have been police summoned to the station at Broadford to deal with the situation," he said.