Tripp Halstead 'free to resume normal activities' after hip surgery

Tripp Halstead is one step closer toward full recovery after undergoing hip surgery in January.

"Got some exciting news!!" Stacy Halstead said on Facebook Monday. "Tripp is brace free!"

Tripp's doctor told the Halsteads their son's x-ray looked great, his incisions look great and he is free to resume to normal activities.

"So school tomorrow, Thursday and therapy on Wednesday, Friday!"

Tripp's surgery lasted roughly 8 hours and included: cutting and lengthening his tendons, cutting the femur bone and using it in his hip socket and three incisions on each side. Recovery was estimated to take about 10 weeks. On February 19, Stacy Halstead said she was very pleased with her son's recovery considering how painful the surgery is known to be.

"If not for the leg spasms at times he really would not have too much pain. I am so thankful for that because it just breaks my heart to see him cry out in pain which still happens at times."

Tripp was critically injured in October of 2012 when a tree limb fell on him outside his Winder day care center. He suffered severe brain injuries.

Tripp is scheduled to have spine surgery in April.

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