'Try the first step': Utah man makes stop in Montgomery County on his walk across America

Isaiah Sheilds is making his way across the county one step at a time - and he's already taken over 15 million!

"Inevitably, the first question is, are you really walking across America?" the Utah native said. 

Isaiah took the first steps off his Utah driveway over a year ago. 

Loaded up a cart with supplies, he left for Cape Alava, the western most part of Washington State, He then turned around and walked east, down through Texas, and along the gulf, before he turned up north to Maine. 

"I remember just sitting at my desk and I used to work in corporate finance and I was looking at an Excel spreadsheet. And the only thing I can recollect is just thinking, I want to go on like a really, really long walk," Isaiah explained. 

Fox 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer met up with him in North Wales as his trip reached about 7,430 miles.

"I'm doing it because I really, really like it. One of the things I sort of wanted to figure out was just how can I spend my days in a way that feels meaningful, fulfilling and enjoyable," he said.


Isaiah has been through it all. From extreme cold and heat, to a 98-mile trek through Wyoming that took him five days. 

No restaurants or convenience stores to rely on along the way, but to him, it wasn’t a big deal.

"I just had to make sure I had all the supplies I needed water, food, and I can carry them in my cart with me," he said. 

Isaish has worn out 11 pairs of shoes going from town to town, meeting new people and learning about life.

"People always tell me, like, Oh, I could never do that. I'm like, Try the first step. And if that doesn't fail, try the second one and the third one. And all of a sudden you've walked the 15 million or so that I have," Isaiah said